Queer Pagan Camp

Camp held in Devon, UK

“We do not need mediators seroquel online. We work consensually to create rituals. We do not need hierarchies. We welcome spirits and work with them. We do not command them. We share knowledge of different traditions; we create new ways of working. Stirring the cauldron of gender, we are not limited by gender-based magical working. We believe we can all work with spiritual power; that we all can be our own healers, celebrants and guides.”


Queer Pagans

This is a safe space for queer Pagans. It is an inclusive place where we can share our practices, learn from each other on how to live in a not so friendly world, and simply find peace and comfort. We all come from different backgrounds, different practices in the Pagan community, and different struggles — but what we found we most needed right now, was a place where we belonged. This is that place.