Califia Collective School of Healing and Magickal Arts

Our mission is simple: to grow and support a community of plantfolk and magick-makers through the practice of healing and magickal arts.

We envision a community of learners with access to a mix of affordably priced, sliding-scale, and free educational opportunities with diverse teachers who are committed to a more just and kind world.

Clio Sady

Clio Reese Sady (AKA Thatcher) specializes in telling stories through images, using a range of art styles from watercolor, fine line black & grey to bold painting reproductions.

Clio is anarchist and oriented toward themes of liberation and survival, and though not religious loves to create works using Biblical illustration and compound images with secret spiritual significance.



Corina Dross

Illustrator and writer; creator of Portable Fortitude, a deck of protective talismans-as-playing-cards. Also writes zines on anti-capitalist intimacies, queer romance, and anarchist politics, and is a consulting and teaching astrologer.

John Ollom


I have the greatest love for my queer community. Much of my work involves nude or clothed movement work that invokes healing and artistic revelation. My home base is in New York City but I teach workshops around the US.

Come visit me at

Queer Pagan Camp

Camp held in Devon, UK

“We do not need mediators seroquel online. We work consensually to create rituals. We do not need hierarchies. We welcome spirits and work with them. We do not command them. We share knowledge of different traditions; we create new ways of working. Stirring the cauldron of gender, we are not limited by gender-based magical working. We believe we can all work with spiritual power; that we all can be our own healers, celebrants and guides.”

Queer Pagans

This is a safe space for queer Pagans. It is an inclusive place where we can share our practices, learn from each other on how to live in a not so friendly world, and simply find peace and comfort. We all come from different backgrounds, different practices in the Pagan community, and different struggles — but what we found we most needed right now, was a place where we belonged. This is that place.

Worts + Cunning Apothecary

My journey with plant medicine and magick began one fateful day as a young child when I met a koala bear who told me that plants were very good to eat.  Many green quests, nerdy dissertations, adventures, and experimentations later, I started the Apothecary to serve you, clever friends, on your fully enchanted adventure of magick + wellbeing.